Summer 2017

A Warm Welcome

New Welcome Center creates inviting space for future Biolans

New visitors to Biola’s campus are getting the red-carpet treatment — make that red-wall treatment.

In April, the university debuted a new Admissions Welcome Center, designed to be a vibrant and inviting space for prospective students and their families. Featuring a large waiting area with comfortable seating, a presentation room, video displays, photo installations and plenty of Biola red, the center seeks to offer campus visitors a strong first impression of the university.

As the first space at Biola dedicated exclusively to prospective students, the center is a significant improvement from the previous check-in spot for visitors: Since the 1970s, their first stop has been the crowded main lobby of Metzger Hall, a thoroughfare for employees heading in and out of administrative offices. The new center, located at Metzger’s northwest corner, is more accessible and visible, and offers visitors a more intentional introduction to the Biola experience.

To schedule a visit to Biola’s campus with a prospective student — and see the Welcome Center for yourself — visit


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