Winter 2014

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Andy Draycott, culture-crossing, cartoon-collecting theologian

By Amber Amaya

As a self-described “freelance preacher and vagabond scholar,” Andy Draycott is a man with many homes, hobbies and degrees.

Born in England, Draycott lived in South America for five years while his parents were missionaries in Brazil; it was there he picked up soccer and Portuguese. He later lived in Oxford, Canterbury, Portugal and Scotland during many years as a student and in ministry, before winding up in Southern California in 2009 to teach at Biola. Along the way, he earned three degrees from Oxford University (including two master’s degrees), a master’s from the University of St. Andrews and a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen. With each move, Draycott has gained new cultural interests, and has also been forced to give up pieces of his extensive book collection — which currently includes over 1,500 paperbacks.

As a theology professor at Biola, he’s grateful for the opportunity to use his pastoral and teaching skills in tandem to speak truth into the lives of his students, he said. Here’s your chance to get to know him.


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